Our Products

Company Name Product Details
Teleflex – LMA, UK Laryngeal Airways, Supraglottic Airways, Muscosal Airways, etc
Teleflex – Hudson & Gibeak, USA Respiratory Care products – Nebulizer Mask, Oxygen Masks, Filters, Humidification Jars etc
Teleflex – Rusch, Germany Anesthesia, Urology and Surgical Disposables. – ET Tubes, Foleys catheters and Endourology accessories, Drains tubing’s
Teleflex – Vidacare, USA Intra Osseous Infusion System
Teleflex – Weck and Piling Surgical Clips and Laproscopic accessories
Armstrong Medical, N. Ireland Anesthesia & Ventilator Circuits, Face Mask, Bacterial Filters and ICU Disposables
Bovie Medical, USA Electrosurgical Units and Accessories
Lawton, Germany Complete range of Surgical Instruments
Link, Germany Orthopedic Implants for total Hip and Knee replacement
Trulife, Ireland Pressure care products for the operation theatre
Airsafety GVS, UK Filtration Systems
Cleanis, France Hygienic Disposable products like vomit bags, bed pan liners etc
Telic S.A, Spain Electrosurgical Accessories like grounding plates, pencils, ECG electrodes and other disposable products
Orthomedical, Germany Orthopedic Trauma Implants like plates, screws, nails
Penlon, UK Laryngoscopes
Shippert Medical, USA Liposuction Products
Sun med, U.S.A Medical supplies for consumables
Unimax, Taiwan Suction Irrigation Sets and other surgical consumables
Dipromed Medical Devises, Italy Surgical Meshes
Wallach Surgical, USA Products for Ob/Gyn department like endometrial cell sampler,coloposcopes
Great Care China Complete range of Medical Disposables
Hupfer, Germany Complete Sterilization Solutions